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Breakfast and Press Conference

Location: West Foyer



Resolution Recognizing & Honoring

Disability Rights Advocacy Day

Location: House Chambers


Meet & Greet with State Legislators

Location: Rotunda



Lunch with General Assembly Members

Location: North Foyer


Rally, Thank You, and Send Off

Location: West Foyer

Breakfast Generously Sponsored by JFK Partners
Lunch Generously Sponsored By Craig Hospital


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I'm worried about the accessibility at the Capitol.


Us too. While there have been some improvements over the years to make the Colorado State Capitol more accessible, it continues to be a difficult building to access. However, great care and attention have been put into the planning process to make this event as accessible as possible. Please visit the map on our logistics page to locate accessible parking, the most convenient entrance, elevators, and restrooms. 


What accommodations will be in place for in-person participants?


Participants can expect CART and ASL interpretation throughout the day, as well as a dedicated space for individuals with requests for sensory accommodations.

Where is the best place for me to park?  


There are several metered parking spots on Sherman between 12th and 14th Streets (accessible spots are closest to the capitol, between 13th and 14th), as well as Grant Street, between 14th and Colfax. NOTE: there is a two-hour time limit for street parking, so if you plan to stay for the duration of the event, we recommend the parking garage at 1277 Logan Street.  


Is there a designated drop off and pickup spot that my driver can use? 


General public access and drop-off is located at Colfax and Sherman Street (NOTE: this requires walking up stairs). Accessible access and drop-off is at 14th and Sherman Street.


What is the nearest, accessible public transit? 


Civic Center station is one block northwest of the Capitol. #15/15L busses drop off in front of the north entrance to the Capitol. #6 bus drops off near the south entrance to the Capitol. 


What is most appropriate to wear at the Capitol? Is there a dress code I must adhere to? 


Professional attire is recommended, hats are not allowed in the public legislative gallery, and signs/banners are prohibited throughout the Capitol.


How early should I plan to arrive in order to avoid long entrance lines? 


We recommend arriving no later than 7:30am, which is when security opens. 


Will I need to go through security? Is there a list somewhere about allowable and unallowable items that I should review prior to 3/7? 


See here for security protocols. 


I have a food allergy. Who do I contact about this to ensure I can partake in breakfast and lunch?


Please contact Lindsay Leuthold at  


Can I bring my service dog into the Capitol? 


Yes, this is allowed under Colorado law.


I'd like to speak with my legislator, but I don't know who it is. Where can I find this information? 


You can find out who your legislator is by clicking here


Is there a limit to how many people can attend? 


Nope! The more the merrier, but please do RSVP so we can have an accurate headcount for food and beverage.


I often become overstimulated at big events like this. Is there somewhere I can go for a little quiet/down time? 


Yes, we do have a dedicated area at the event to support with sensory accommodations. Information will be available upon arrival. 


Am I permitted to take photos in the Capitol? 


Photographs are allowed and encouraged, but flash photography is not allowed in the House or Senate galleries. 


I understand there will be an event photographer, but I don't want my picture taken. Who should I speak to about this? 


Please contact Lindsay Leuthold  


Will there be directions on where to go when I arrive at the Capitol?  


Yes! We will have volunteer guides, electronic packets, and signs on easels.  

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